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Spoke Infotech was created with the aim of creating innovative software solutions and improving the work efficiency of our clients. The company was established in 2010 as Virtuetech Solutions. Since then we have focused on providing our customers the needed solutions. We believe that, with the services that we provide we are connecting our customers to the outer world of dynamic technology and innovations and this is how Spoke into existence. Spoke InfoTech is the foremost ISO certified 9001:2015 and JAS-ANZ accredited IT company. We know that small and medium businesses are the backbone of India's economy; we know business isn't easy, and we really admire each and every business owner for taking on the risks and challenges of everyday business. We have developed a wide range of world-class software solutions which will take the burden off your head. All of Spoke Infotech's software solutions guarantee efficiency and agility to your business through their smart design and easy to use interface.
Software Is Our Craft
At Spoke InfoTech all of us firmly think Software as our craft. We get involved in it, nurture it and put all our heart and soul to give our clients the peace of mind they are looking for.
Our aim is to help 100,000 small and medium business employers across India, so they never have to worry about the hassles they experience at their workplace. There is a lot of stress and hassle involved in manual management; we are here the make your management worries disappear forever. By the solutions we provide, many small and big business owners across India are going to be one step closer to business success and freedom. We believe in small business success and the massive changes it can make in people lives across the nation. We have helped many small and medium businesses and here's what they have to say about us ...