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Basic Feature
"Experience productivity and efficiency with our Smart Payroll System"
  • icon_14 Pay slips generation (Monthly, Daily, Hourly)
  • icon_2 Auto and manual time attendance
  • icon_19 Definable Advances and Its repayment structure
  • icon_2 No need to worry about maintaining records manually.
  • icon_9 Allocation of weekly holiday employee wise.
  • icon_11 Data backup facility
  • icon_8 Assigning different type of leaves to employee
  • icon_13 Simple to learn & operate by non-Computer background Users.
  • icon_15 Overtime calculation
  • icon_12 Easy to use, install, efficient and reliable
  • icon_13 Auto Allowances and Deduction System
  • icon_8 All reports can be generated in tabular form as well as PDF and excel format
  • icon_16 Employee birthday and leaves notification.
  • icon_19 Create your own salary structures
  • icon_2 Attendance data can be connected to software via pen-drive
  • icon_19 Automatic deduction of EMI from salary
  • icon_13 Our Smart System is fully capable of maintaining tedious tasks with a lot of ease and comfort.
  • icon_11 Easier to manage and update the database.