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Multi User Additional Feature
"Experience productivity and efficiency with our Smart Payroll System"
  • icon_19 Pay slips generation (Monthly, Daily, Hourly)
  • icon_13 We can connect more than one PC with same software with different accessibility.
  • icon_20 Auto Shift management System
  • icon_3 All reports can be generated in tabular form as well as PDF and excel format
  • icon_9 Simple to learn & operate by non-Computer background Users.
  • icon_15 Overtime calculation.
  • icon_8 Before a person becomes a part of an organization, there are certain procedures that need to be followed. And even after joining an organization, employee goes through several phases. We have included some of those HRD modules in our software. Eg. Application Process, Offer, Appointment, Confirmation, Promotion/ Increment, Relieving, Experience etc.
Comparison statement for Desktop base SPS
Features SPS Basic SPS Advance SPS Multi User
User Single Single Multi User
No. of Employees 50 50 100
Employee database Yes Yes Yes
Leave module Yes Yes Yes
Shift module Yes Yes Yes
Attendance Yes Yes Yes
Penalty for late mark Yes Yes Yes
User define allowances and deduction heads Yes Yes Yes
Payroll Yes Yes Yes
Reports Yes Yes Yes
HR No Yes Yes
Document management No Yes Yes
TAX No Yes Yes
Biometric Device Connectivity No No Yes