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Smart Accounting System


In a real-time environment, accounts are accessed and updated immediately to reflect activity. The need to test for equality of debits and credits through trial balances is usually not required in a computerized system accounting since our systems test for equality of debit and credit amounts as they are entered. If someone were to attempt to input data containing an inequality, the system would not accept the input. Since the computer is programmed to post amounts to the various accounts and calculate the new balances as new entries are made, the possibility of mathematical error is reduced. Computers may also be programmed to record some adjustments automatically at the end of the period.

An Accounting system is able to prepare the financial statement once it has been determined the account balances are correct. The closing process at the end of the period can also be done automatically by the computer. Human judgment is still required to analyze the data for entry into the computer system correctly. Additionally, the accountant's knowledge and judgment are frequently required to determine the adjustments that are needed at the end of the reporting period. The mechanics of the system, however, can easily be handled by the computer. Smart accounting system is desktop base single user software. We use java programming language for development.

Our Smart accounting system saves a great deal of time and effortof your organization. It considerably reduces mathematical errors, and allows for much more timely information than a manual system.

Key Features
  • icon_2 Accounting
  • icon_15 Billing
  • icon_3 Sales and profit analysis
  • icon_18 Banking
  • icon_11 Inventory.
  • icon_8 Taxation (VAT, TDS, TCS)
Benefits of Our Smart Accounting System :
  • icon_15 Easy and effective way of calculating taxes
  • icon_11 Inbuilt Data backup facility
  • icon_6 Ensures Confidentiality, Security and Integrity
  • icon_3 Speedy and flexible process
  • icon_12 Improved invoice system