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Smart Payroll System
What all can you do with our Smart Payroll System?
  • Monitor and manage your employee's
  • Quick and easy generation of pay slips for all your employees.
  • Easy to install and access
  • User Friendly
  • Manage your employee's overtime pay and performance incentives using monthly variable sheets.
  • Helps enterprises to minimize the cost and time involved in managing employees' data.
  • Speed up each and every aspect of the payroll process with our wide range of automated features.
Why Use The Smart Payroll System?
Every company process payroll for its employee. As as a company grows manual processing becomes difficult and there is no doubt in the fact that its a tedious task to do. Payroll system is an integral part of an every organization. An organization needs a Payroll System to avoid manual entries therby saving time and enabling a hassle free work environment.
We have designed the software which can meet all the requirements of the user.
This Smart Payroll System is basically developed for small scale industries, enterprise, small business, proprietary firms, showrooms, hotels, hospitals. Desktop or Laptop based Offline Smart Payroll System is considered for single user. Near about 50 employee data can be stored in this software. Before a person becomes a part of an organization, there are certain procedures that need to be followed. And even after joining an organization, employee goes through several phases. We have included some of those HRD modules in our software. Undertaking tasks related to Application Process, Offer, Appointment, Confirmation, Promotion/ Increment and Relieving, Experience becomes easy with our newly introduced modules.
Our Smart Payroll System provides all the necessary employee information on a single click !
Our Software is easy to use and install. It is higly efficient and reliable. All the necessary information about the employee is stored inside and CAN BE ACCESSED EASILY. there is no need to access manual folders everytime. Our smart software makes the generation of Payslips on monthly, hourly and daily basis easy and systematic. All reports can be generated in tabular form as well as PDF and excel format. This data (THAT) can be taken on any portable data storage device. Now employees need not fear about Data loss or manual updating as our software has Data Backup Facility. Organisations can now create suitable salary structures for their employees and also keep a detailed record of employee attendance, holidays and overtime calculation automatically.

Apart from this our other key features are:
  • icon_13 Auto Allowances and Deduction System
  • icon_3 Definable Advances and Its repayment structure
  • icon_15 No need to worry to calculate statutory compliance like PF, ESIC, TDS, Professional Tax etc.
  • icon_9 Auto Shift management System
  • icon_19 Automatic deduction of EMI from salary
Our Smart System is fully capable of maintaining tedious tasks with a lot of ease and comfort.
Benefits :
  • icon_9 User friendly interface.
  • icon_19 Efficient cost Minimization with the HR management services we provide.
  • icon_12 Effective Human resource management with Biometric time attendance record and many other features.
  • icon_11 Guaranteed Data Integrity and Quality with our Data Validation Feature.
  • icon_15 Supports all types of allowances, deductions and calculations.