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Smart School Bus Tracking System
Key Features :
  • Student’s safety assurance
  • Tracking of school bus anytime from anywhere
  • Easy Communication between parents and school authorities
  • Provide details about pick and drop stations
  • Detailing about no of students from each station
  • Tracks activities at every interval of 5 sec
  • Biometric machine integration possible
  • High quality digital mapping to display bus route and stops.
  • Intelligent reports on fleet utilization
  • Monitoring of aggressive driving & unauthorized trips in every restricted areas.
  • Can Inform entry and exit recording of students & Bus breakdowns
  • Can send bus location status to parents/relatives
  • Generates various reports & much more
Benefits :
  • Ensures student safety
  • Enhanced students security and vehicle safety
  • Awaits/delays avoided and on time arrival at bus stop
  • Reduced fuel cost, increased operation performance and extended vehicle life
  • Easy identification of misuse of school buses
  • Effective fleet management
  • Improvisation of customer service
  • Increase delivery speed
  • Generate desired reports for business efficiency