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Smart Wifi System


We are providers of Wifi Hotspot that have been made in order to give Internet to every user. Our solution provides user friendly and high performance WiFi usage with centralized authentication by using one can manage bandwidth and limit user usage speed and many more things. We provide this in very exciting price. Our solution is well set to accept frequency and recommendable in every campus in this fastening pace of life. Spoke Infotech offers a complete WiFi solution which includes access points, controllers, PoE switches and cloud managed software

User Authentication
  • ●   Different types Captive Portals
  • ●   MAC Based (bypass without Portal Login)
  • ●   Two-factor (SMS) authentication
  • ●   PMS Integration
  • ●   Bandwidth and policy management
  • ●   Social Media Integration with analytics reporting
  • ●   Payment Gateway Integration
  • ●   Advertisement and Marketing solution
  • ●   Access Control based on Time, Bandwidth, Usage
  • ●   Control upload / download rates
  • ●   Group-based bandwidth policies
  • ●   Per user based bandwidth Control
  • ●   Control over Nos of Devices permissible
  • ●   Daily Plans FUP limit
  • ●   Control over Billing strategies – Free or Charged
  • ●   Legal Compliance
  • ●   Two-factor (SMS) authentication
  • ●   User Session Monitoring
  • ●  Usage Reports
  • ●  Bandwidth Usage Report
  • ●  Per User Upload / Download Report
  • ●  Flexible Billing Plans, Statistics and Reports
  • ●  Real-time Network Reports
  • ●  Revenue Reports
  • ●  Browsing patterns & top visited sites
  • ●  Real-time System Reports
  • ●  Online Users Reports
  • ●  Administration
  • ●  Web based GUI
  • ●  Role based administration
  • ●  Configuration backup via email
  • ●  Others
  • ●  Role based administration
  • ●  Data Backup downloads available
  • ●  Configuration Backup via email
  • ●  Internet Gateway + User Manager (Hotspot)
Features of Our Smart Wifi System
Administrator can now optimize network bandwidth & performance with exhaustive User management with user bandwidth cap, data usage cap and time regulated access.
Wi-Fi hotspot
Built-in captive portal providing Wi-Fi hotspot, enforcing credential based access to guests and staff on the network with the option of bypass for premium users as maybe required for senior management in the organization.
Hospitality industry
As required in the Hospitality industry, creating individual and batch subscribers, assigning usage plans, billing, and invoicing usage is easily achieved from the user friendly interface. Our Competitive Edge
Purpose-Built for Hotels
The Controller is optimized for environments that may have limited in-house IT or wireless expertise.
Extremely Easy to Set Up
The Controller is easy to deploy and manage. Features such as auto-discovery of Jupicom Access Points, template driven configuration with intelligent defaults removes the complexity. Setting up Hotspot service or Wireless LAN now takes only a few minutes. The need for highly skilled engineers to manage the network is not a criterion anymore, further reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the solution.
Works Out of the Box
There is no worry about setting up commands and wasting countless frustrating hours. The Controller works right out of the box and starts wireless network in minutes. Maintenance is no longer an issue.
Network Agnostic User Management
The Controller manages all user connections (both wired and wireless), local client access